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Laththi Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 2.5 / 5

Laththi Movie Review : An okayish cop action drama that’s engaging in parts

Laththi Movie Synopsis: Muruganandam, a constable and laththi specialist, happens to face the wrath of a notorious gangster and his son. Little did he know that this would put his 10-year-old son’s life in trouble.

Laththi Movie Review: Not often do you get to watch a cop action drama that refrains from resorting to the usual cliches associated with this genre. Vinoth Kumar, the director of Laththi, has tried his best to write an engaging screenplay, with some interesting conflicts then and there. However, the second half is a big letdown considering the subject they dealt with.

Laththi does not have a hero in khaki, drifting in bikes and cars. Instead, it shows us the life of a lower-rank police officer, a laththi specialist, who faces the wrath of a gangster’s son.

Muruganandam (Vishal), once a laththi specialist and a constable under suspension, seeks the help of a higher official to reinstate him in the job. As everything seems to be fine, DIG Kamal (Prabhu), who helped him to wear Khakhi again, requests him to torture an accused kept in his unofficial custody.

Little does he know that the accused is none other than Vella (Ramana) son of the most influential gangster and kingpin Sura.

Can Muruganandham and his 10-year-old son, who get trapped in an unconstructed building, escape the wrath of the notorious gangster or fall prey to them?

Vishal’s Laththi has its intention at its right place. The film starts off really well, and surprises us at times by staging a few scenes perfectly. But then as the film progresses, the plot gets thinner, failing to give us that immersive experience, which it could have easily done.

The 45-minutes stunt sequence in the second half is one of the major drawbacks to the narrative. It’s way too long and doesn’t allow us to empathise with the protagonist and his suffering. The scene in which he charges against hundreds of criminals in an unconstructed building is great considering the efforts Vishal has put in. But then a few sequences are overdramatic, making us forget the genuine writing that we witnessed in the first half.

Though Prabhu’s character appears only for a short duration of time, his portion is something to watch out for. Vishal’s performance is one of the major highlights of the film. He has definitely worked on his body language, especially for the constable role, and it’s quite evident throughout.

Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music and background score doesn’t help to elevate the emotions in the film. Other technical aspects are decent, and stunt sequences are choreographed in a realistic way. Laththi gives forceful blows at times, but only a few make us feel the real pain.

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