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Lakadbaggha Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 2.0 / 5

Lakadbaggha Movie Review : A unique concept that falls short in execution

Lakadbaggha story: Arjun Bakshi, an animal lover, becomes a vigilante after his dog goes missing. During his hunt, he comes across an endangered species of Indian black-striped hyena (Lakadbaggha) and learns about an illegal animal trade in Kolkata. Will he be able to reunite with his dog while also helping other animals?

Lakadbaggha review: Sometimes unique concepts can elevate the story to the next level, but Victor Mukherjee’s film falls flat in terms of execution. In many ways, the concept of ‘Lakadbaggha’ is interesting and intriguing. The story is set in Kolkata and revolves around Arjun Bakshi (Anshuman Jha), a martial arts trainer for kids by day and a vigilante by night who kicks the shit out of people who harm animals. When his pet Shanku goes missing one day, he embarks on a search that leads him to the illegal animal trade business. In the midst of it all, he comes across the rare Indian black-striped hyena (Lakadbaggha), which is also being traded. Will he be able to save all of the animals and bring this to an end?

Well, the concept by Alok Sharma is unique, which keeps you invested at first, but the narrative loses its kick as the film progresses. Especially post-interval, which feels overly stretched and could have easily been cut by about 20 minutes. The high-octane action sequences (directed by Kecha Khamphakdee, who won the national award for action direction for ‘Baahubali 2: The Conclusion’) are the best thing that anyone will root for in this 128-minute-long film. The fighting scenes are expertly choreographed from the opening when Arjun defeats the villains to the dramatic finale. The same cannot be said for the film’s visual effects, as it is clear that the hyena was created using VFX.

Coming about performances, Anshuman Jha of ‘LSD (Love Sex Aur Dhokha)’ fame has flawlessly portrayed a vigilante. He looks like the boy next door, but he executes several hand-to-hand combat action sequences with finesse. As Arjun’s father and mentor, Milind Soman plays a small yet effective role. Ridhi Dogra, who has proven her mettle in playing various characters on the OTT platform, makes her Bollywood debut with this film. She exudes the confidence of a strong-headed crime branch officer Akshara D’souza. Dogra and Jha both shine in their action scenes, particularly the gym sequence in which she fights him. Their chemistry, however, falls flat on the screen. Paresh Pahuja plays the antagonist Aryan convincingly. Eksha Kerung, a real-life Northeast cop and professional boxer, is a debutante who shines in her action stunts.

Overall, ‘Lakadbaggha’ had a lot of potential, but its mediocre execution reduced it to a barely passable film.

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