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Lagan Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 2.0 / 5

Lagan Movie Review : A film that has ample scope for improvement

The Marathi industry, for some reason, doesn’t want to come out of the Sairat-inspired love story hangover. For every different film in the industry, there are at least 2-3 films that stick to the formula, probably expecting to retrace the success of Nagraj Manjule’s film. Lagan is a recent example of this.

Although the story is not exactly the same, Lagan tries to explore the ‘love across societal strata’ concept with Ajya (Sujit Choure) and Rajnandini’s (Shweta Kale) love story. It’s not a straightforward story; there are ample twists and turns in there. Ajya’s mother (Smita Tambe) wants him to get educated and do a government job. She feels that without education, there’s no way to progress in life, a thought she tells Ajya too. But there are other things set to happen in their lives.

There’s not much novelty in terms of the story of Lagan. So, one would expect the at least the actors to add some gravitas to the story. However, there’s not much happening on that front either. Smita Tambe is sincere, as is Anil Nagarkar. But the lead pair needs some polishing. It doesn’t help either that the story is predictable. So, the viewer ends up wanting to enjoy the film but unable to.

There’s ample scope for improvement in Lagan. However, if you are a fan of similar movies that have released in the past, you can watch this one, but at your risk.

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