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Kuri Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 2.5 / 5

Kuri Movie Review : A too simple tale

Story: A man wins a lottery and a couple of youngsters try to get that prize money

Review: When Dileep (Vishnu Unnikrishnan), who is newly appointed as a police constable, goes for passport verification to Betsy’s house (Surabhi Lakshmi), nobody opens the door. To shield himself from the rain, he stands in the verandah when he hears voices from inside the house. When he knocks again, a young man opens the door, and Dileep gets suspicious and he forces himself into the house, but gets hit by another person from behind.

Binosh (Vishnu Govindhan) and Maji (Sagar Surya) are in the house to steal the lottery winnings of Betsy’s brother Bibin, as Maji needs it for his sister’s wedding. Will their plan be a success, what happens to Dileep who is also trapped in the house makes the rest of the story.

Kuri is a simple, straightforward story told with some twists in less than two hours. Scripted and directed by KR Praveen, he delivers a crisp movie, but somehow it fails to make an impact. Though the lead cast is Vishnu Unnikrishnan and Surabhi Lakshmi, the movie belongs to Vishnu Govindan and Sagar Surya, and they have done a nice job. Vishnu Unnikrishnan is good in his role as Surabhi Lakshmi, though the latter doesn’t have any chance to display her acting skills. Vinod Thomas as Bibin has done a good job too. Aditi Ravi as Vishnu Unnikrishnan’s fiance looks refreshing in her cameo. The music by Vinu Thomas has a soothing effect. The cinematography by Santhosh C Pillai is amazing; the high range looks stunning, especially the morning mist and floating clouds.

If you are looking for a small, feel-good movie this weekend, just for a time pass, go for it. Otherwise, you can give it a miss.
– V Vinod Nair

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