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Kshanikam Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 2.5 / 5

Kshanikam Movie Review : A true life story mired in tragedy

Story: A couple lose their only son in an accident. How will they cope with the loss?

Review: Kshanikam tells the story of a couple who lose their teenage son in an accident. It is a terrible tragedy and the mother and father each try their own methods to cope, but find themselves struggling with their pain and in their relationship.

Jewel Mary portrays the tragedy-stricken mother, Supriya, who tries to get on with life, but feels thwarted by her husband, Rakesh, played by Rupesh Raj. After failing to convince her husband to try to have another child, while she finally decides to foster two brothers, Rakesh again causes problems in an already difficult situation, causing the couple to be estranged. Is Supriya able to take the children to her heart and consider them her own forms the rest of the story.

While it is interesting to see the portrayal of a foster relationship, the message the film, written by Deepti Nair, wishes to convey is not clear and feels like a wasted opportunity, particularly in the dynamics between the parent and children, and with the ending. The film is apparently based on a true life story, but even then, it could have been elevated cinematically.

Jewel Mary is good in the role of the mother, moving from the happiness she feels when her son is around to the extreme sadness when she loses him and tries to move on. One of the problems with the movie, directed by Rajeev Rajendran, seems to be in the editing with tsome sequences appearing in a confusing manner.

Kshanikam could have been a heartwarming film, but somewhere it misses out.

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