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Kora Kagazz

Kora Kagazz Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Kora Kagazz Movie Review : A heartfelt story about living a positive life

Kora Kagazz Story: Sandhya (Aishani Yadav), a 14-year-old girl, ends up in a juvenile detention centre after attacking her abusive uncle. There she meets Divya (Swastika Mukherjee), the warden, who is both compassionate and strict with children in order to keep them in line. And Vivek (Rajat Kapoor), who is assisting the juvenile center’s children in performing in a fundraising play. The plot revolves around these three characters, their issues, and how they work together to overcome life’s challenges.

Kora Kagazz Review: ‘Kora Kagazz’ follows the journey of Sandhya, a cheerful girl who uses poetry to express her various emotions—both positive and negative. However, a few minutes into the drama, we learn about her troubled past—her parents were farmers who committed suicide, leaving her to live with her abusive uncle. On a fateful night, she attacks her uncle to protect herself, landing her in Divya’s juvenile detention facility. Sandhya is gradually compelled to confront her deeply emotional past in weekly drama-therapy workshops led by Vivek, who is not fully committed to his job due to his own insecurities. However, Vivek’s sessions help these teenagers in learning to take control of their lives and emotions.

Director and co-writer Nawneet Ranjan has skillfully packaged this 101-minute outing and played to its strength. The drama depicts how people learn from one another’s life experiences very well. “Life is just a kora kagazz (blank slate), and what matters most is what you write on it.” This is what drives the film and the protagonist’s ability to express herself. Given its length, the film should be tight, but the screenplay appears half-baked, resulting in a stagnant pace with repetitive scenes and situations throughout. Vivek and Sandhya’s childhood stories, which keep popping up in their memories, are, however, interestingly woven into the narrative.

The film’s strongest point is its actors–lead and supporting. Rajat Kapoor is simply outstanding as Vivek, who is attempting to make his mark and live up to his father’s legacy as a great actor. But he struggles to overcome his inner demons, which include a failing marriage and an unfulfilled acting career. Divya, played by Swastika Mukherjee, is convincing as the centre of power struggling to meet the basic needs of these girls. Aishani Yadav’s debut performance is confident and promising. She expertly conveys her character’s inner turmoil. ‘Kora Kagazz’ deserves to be seen for its sincere efforts of telling a heartfelt story.

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