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Kochaal Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 3.0 / 5

Kochaal Movie Review : A police drama that falls short

Story: A short guy wants to become a police officer, but gets rejected because of his height. He becomes a constable after his father dies on duty, but he still takes jibes over his stature

Review: Kochal’s (Krishna Shankar) parents made him believe that becoming a police officer is his destiny, though he is short. But when Sreekuttan aka Kochal goes for police selection, he is humiliated and sent packing. However, Sreekuttan gets his chance to be a civil police officer when his police officer father (Renji Panicker) dies on duty in a landslide. But now, with all the jibes about his height from colleagues, he must prove his merit as an efficient police officer.

The story is different and good, but the screenplay by Midhun P Madhanan and Prajith K Purushan lacks the grip which would have made the movie compelling watching. The editing could also have been crisp; the murder investigation in the second half seems to stretch on endlessly, with the suspended protagonist and DySP Simon Thomas (Murali Gopy) and his police team carrying out sort of parallel investigations.

So apart from cutting the length, tighter screenplay and editing would have lifted the movie and made it more interesting. Some suspense is maintained and keeps the film moving, but it ends up being anti-climatic and almost downright silly. The real story starts only post interval.

The cinematography by Jomon Thomas is refreshing, especially the Ilamazha Chattin song sequence, and the suspenseful scenes. BGM by Manikandan Ayyappa gels well with suspense.

Krishna Shankar is okay in his role, and Shine Tom Chako, who nowadays seems to be the first option for an anti-hero, performs well. Murali Gopy as DySP in charge of a murder investigation, does a fantastic job; his body language, his handling of mood swings and the manner in which he plays an unpredictable character is great nice to watch.

Shyam Mohan’s direction is lacking is creating a full picture of the protagonist’s life, his family, romance etc, and so the character isn’t memorable and you don’t sympathise or empathise with him.

– V Vinod Nair

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