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Kinnerasani Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Kinnerasani Movie Review : A thriller that lacks heft

Story: A book called Kinnerasani plays an important role in helping a lawyer avenge his dead girlfriend and a librarian find her missing father.

Review: It is rare in the Mega compound to choose a script that has no commercial element and Kalyaan Dhev is probably the first one to do so. The boring treatment and predictable storyline however let him down.

Venkat (Kalyaan Dhev) is a successful lawyer who always receives accolades from his clients and bosses. His girlfriend Lilly (Kashish Khan) is murdered by unknown people and he’s on a mission to find the culprits. Veda (Sheetal) runs a library, her father has been missing for a while and she sets out to find him. How the book Kinnerasani holds an important clue in solving these mysteries forms the tale.

At the get go, Kinnerasani makes it clear that this is a thriller that has no space for unnecessary plot points when the film opens with murders. Now all the audience hopes for at this point is that the director finds an innovative way to tell a known tale. Oddly though, the film takes a very long time to turn into an engaging thriller and when it does turn into one, the movie loses track. The entire flashback episode is a pain to watch and the love story lacks soul. The chemistry between Venkat and his girlfriend is so bad you don’t even feel bad when things take a turn. The music is good in places but mostly it just contributes to the dullness.

Venkat is a successful, emotionally stable person but since he lost a loved one, all he wants to do is solve the mystery. The logical plot points are well-balanced and the screenplay is tightly woven but the narration tests your patience. Watching it on OTT makes it even worse. Veda searches for her father with the help of her friends and the connection between the two cases is obvious when you watch the film, but the director finds a fresh way here to reveal it.

Kalyaav Dhev takes on too much with a role that demands he show multiple emotions. And while he tries his best, he somehow doesn’t fit the role. His physicality looks good but his acting skills definitely need work. Kashish and Sheetal are good for what they’re offered.

Kinnerasani doesn’t have anything new to offer, barring a few twists and turns. It sticks out like a sore thumb amid the edge-of-the-seat thrillers OTT platforms now have to offer.

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