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Khasagi Putagalu

Khasagi Putagalu Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Khasagi Putagalu Movie Review : A romantic tale wins hearts with its narration

Plot: Set in a village called Kalyanapura, Khasagi Putagalu is about the life of four friends. One of them, Surya, falls in love with Bhoomi who has just joined their college.

Surya and his friends live as if there’s no tomorrow. Surya’s love story grabs everyone’s attention as even the girl reciprocates his feelings. Suddenly, tragedy strikes in the form of a road accident at Charmadi Ghat.

This twist takes the story in a different direction, throwing up a surprise. The main plot deals with how the protagonists overcome adversities in their life and still manage to lead a happy life, making for an engaging story.

Though the story of Khasagi Putagalu is simple, the director manages to keep audiences hooked, bringing freshness to a tried-and-tested formula in Sandalwood, with twists in the right places. Full marks to actors Vishwa, Chethan Durga, Sridhar Gangavathi, Leonilla D’Souza and Nanda Gopal for their wonderful performances. Cinematographer Vishwajith Rao deserves credit for his craft. If you are fan of romantic films, this is a perfect weekend watch.

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