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Kathir Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 3.0 / 5

Kathir Movie Review : A decent tale that inspires you

Kathir Movie Synopsis: Kathir revolves around two people — an unemployed engineering graduate and an old woman with an inspiring past. How their lives get influenced by each other forms the crux of the film.

Kathir Movie Review: While some filmmakers have been churning out mindless entertainers with established stars, a few others are still trying hard to tell stories that allow the audience to take home something. Kathir falls in the second category. It’s not a great film, but then, the world that the director builds out of two characters is quite inspiring and serves the purpose. Kathir revolves around two people — a youngster who has gone through many failures and an old woman with an inspiring past. It’s about a beautiful bond between them and how the young man’s life takes a turn after he learns the story of the older woman.

Though Dhinesh Palanivel’s plot is simple, the situations he creates here makes us travel along with the protagonist. The film begins with Kathir (Venkatesh Annadurai), a frustrated engineering graduate, who leaves his hometown, after an argument with his dad, in search of a job in Chennai. His incompetency in English becomes a barrier toget a job in the IT industry. During this time, he gets acquainted with his house owner Savithri (Rajini Chandy), an old woman with an inspiring personality. Though Kathir’s irresponsible behavior irks Savithri, they form a beautiful bond as days pass by. Kathir tells her about his love story during his college days and how life has always been unfair to him.

His life takes a turn, after learning about the sudden demise of his close friend Farooq and Savithri’s inspiring past. It forces him to stay in his hometown in Coimbatore and build a world that’s not ony useful for him but also for others.

Dhinesh Palanivel’s idea of telling a tale with simple emotions is laudable and in fact, it takes us into the world of his characters without trying too hard. The plot is quite interesting and engaging throughout. However, if Dhinesh could have constructed the screenplay in a non-linear pattern, it would have been a better film. Kathir won’t be a disappointment for people who walk into theatres to watch a good story, but it might struggle to satisfy a larger section of audience. Just when we expect Kathir’s back story to be something intriguing and powerful, all we get in return is an usual break-up story. But even then, the director manages to throw in some good moments during Kathir’s college days and the reason for break up, too, works without being amateurish. However, the second half turns out to be powerful as Savithri’s flashback portion wins hands down.

Santhosh Pratap is shown as a communist and revolutionist who fights for the cause of the farmers and the oppressed community. His sequences are interesting and that itself could have been made as a separate film. However, that’s the problem with the film as well; in one film we get three separate stories, which could have been developed into a lengthy film. The mood keeps varying and that distracts the viewers.

Otherwise, the film is well-intended and the climax is also convincing. The main highlights of the film are the performances of the lead casts. Both Venkatesh and Rajini Chandy have done a great job and they have made sure that they portray their characters in a realistic way.

Bhavya Trikha, who plays Venkatesh’s girlfriend, has also done a decent job. Though Santhosh Pratap’s presence in the movie is only for a few minutes, his performance is power-packed and interesting. The background score and music, composed by Prashant Pillai, elevated a few sequences, which would have otherwise been ordinary. Except for a few mistakes in the continuity, the technical team has done a decent job. Overall, Kathir is a good watch for people who expect to take something memorable from a film.

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