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Kasthuri Mahal

Kasthuri Mahal Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 2.5 / 5

Kasthuri Mahal Movie Review : ‚ÄčKasthuri Mahal‚Äč

Megha Shastry (Shruti Prakash) is an archaeologist whose hobby is to collect rare materials from historical sites. She stumbles on a 700-year-old book which fascinates her and she decides to keep it. As soon as she gets the book, everyone in the team experiences strange things.

At the same time, Surya and team get a contract to make an advertisement. To ensure a quality product, they decide to shoot it at a haunted house called Kasthuri Mahal, referred to by Megha.

Meanwhile, Megha’s uncle, an astrologer, senses danger to Megha’s life and tries to save her with his powers. In doing so, he suffers a stroke and his son pursues his duties.

Kasthuri Mahala tries to keep everyone on the edge of seat with its suspense and thriller elements, but falls flat for major portions. A flagging storyline combines with a conventional narration and limited characters that deny it pace, twists and turns. The film fails to evoke any interest, except for a few moments during the climax.

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