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Kallan Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 2.5 / 5

Kallan Movie Review : An interesting plot let down by uninspiring events

Kallan Movie Review: Journalist-turned-director Chandra Thangaraj tries to pull off a raw and rustic film in her first attempt with Kallan. While the film works in parts, but falters due to average execution on the technical front.

The initial staging of the film looks promising, conveying an intriguing plot with actor Karu Palaniappan, belonging to a hunter family. With time and unavoidable circumstances, he transitions to become a man who handles guns. The plot sounds interesting considering the scheme of things around it, however it loses track as the film progresses. One significant point that works against the film is the CG. Also, the jarring sound effects become intolerable after a point.

As the film starts and progresses, an announcement from the Government of Tamil Nadu to ban hunting hits Velu’s (Karu Palaniyappan) family hard. Due to financial issues, his friends advise him to take up the business of making and selling guns. Notably, this is one of the skills that Velu’s father imparted to him. As his journey with gun starts, he gets caught up in the midst of theft and murder due to his friends, putting his own life in jeopardy. He also meets his love interest, Thamarai (Nikita) during a heist and tries to protect her from her molester step-dad. However, his romance with her is not long-lived as he ends up in prison. At this point, his life trajectory takes a new path, acquainting him with Mari (Namo Narayanan), an influential prison mate and a drug peddler.

The second half unravels the huge heist in Andhra that Velu plots along with his prison acquaintances. Unexpected turn of events play a spoilsport, putting everyone’s life in danger.

Kallan is an apt title for the film. Besides, what makes this movie a decent watch is Karu Palaniappan’s performance and Chandra’s determination to handle a gritty plot. However, the post prison sequences leading to the escape of Karu Palaniappan and his prison mates fall flat without providing any interest to viewers. Also, the romantic angle seems mature, coming from a woman director, and she has brought in authenticity that other hero-oriented films lack. Mari’s wife’s character, Selvi (Maya Chandran), is a surprise element and the reveal works to an extent though it could have been much better.

Coming to other aspects, the songs composed by K definitely deserve a mention for evoking an emotional connection. However, the background score and sound mixing is terrible. Other important supporting actors, including Soundarraja, Dinesh Subburaya, Murugan and others, have done well.

The screenplay is very one-dimensional in spite of having twists and turns. A little extra effort in the writing to enhance a gritty plot like this could have worked wonders for the film.

Overall, Kallan tries, but ends up short of stealing our hearts.

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