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Judaa Hoke Bhi

Judaa Hoke Bhi Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 2.5 / 5

Judaa Hoke Bhi Movie Review : Akshay Oberoi & Aindrita Ray shines in this twisted romantic thriller

Story: Following the death of his son at a young age, Aman Khanna (Akshay Oberoi), a once successful singer and composer, is drowning his life in alcohol and self-destruction. As a result of this tragedy, his marriage to Meera (Aindrita Ray) has suffered as well. When fate separates them, Meera will be moving to Uttrakhand to write Siddharth Jaiwardhan’s (Meherzan Mazda) biography. Will this distance strengthen their relationship, or will their loneliness lead to some sort of love triangle, or is there more to their relationship than meets the eye?

Review: Vikram Bhatt’s Judaa Hoke Bhi is a romantic tale with a touch of supernatural horror. The plot revolves around a couple who have a troubled marriage as a result of their son’s death. Since Aman is an alcoholic on a self-destruction path, it is his better half, Meera, who pays the bill and even chooses to travel to Uttrakhand to write Siddharth Yashwardhan’s biography in order to earn a good living. And from there, their lives take a turn for the worse. She is imprisoned; will she ever see Aman again?

The story unfolds in the picturesque town of Binsar situated in Uttrakhand. And you hold your breath when you first spot a beautiful palace in the midst of a snow-capped mountain range encircled by dense jungles. Living alone in the palace we see an eerie-looking, wealthy businessman Siddharth and his right-hand man Mathew. And the rest of the town is deserted due to the bitter cold. To our surprise, Meera had not previously looked for and researched the location. Guess not, because she is always seen wearing chiffon and net sarees in freezing temperatures.

But alas, neither Meera nor the viewers are aware of what they are getting themselves into. Mahesh Bhatt’s story vividly captures the couple’s intense love, but its antithesis, which contrasts love with lust, is uninspiring. Also, the supernatural activities are not thrilling enough to keep you on the edge of your seat. Strange whispers continue to echo throughout, and the girl sees horrific things, but none of it disturbs you, let alone be worried. The twist in the tale was expected and you could see it coming from a mile away, which our ‘over smart’ hero fails to gauge till the very end.

The action only picks up in the climax when Aman is engaged in combat with the gigantic creature. It took a while to get to this point, but by then, the audience was already exhausted. Eventually, everything was wrapped up in a flash. That’s unfortunate!

The dialogues are heavy-duty. The film implies that “zindagi bahut sundar hain kyunki voh khatam hoti hain,” and we should let go of the people who have passed away and focus on the present. Similar to Raaz Reboot (2016), there’s also a blind man (Rushad Rana) who is aware of reality and insists that Meera is possessed, saying to everyone “uski aatma uske bas mein nahi.” So, no brownie points for this subplot as it appears to be repetitive. Even the giant creature is a slightly tweaked version of what we saw in Creature 3D from the same Bhatt’s camp.

The songs are soulful and heighten the impact of the drama, especially ‘Mera Naseeb ho Tum’ and the title track by Stebin Ben. Likewise, the performances. Akshay Oberoi impressively depicts the vivid emotions of his character Aman. Aindrita Ray did fairly well as Meera. She shines in the sequence set in the hospital, which will undoubtedly give you goosebumps. Meherzan Mazda’s character arc is sketched half-heartedly, making him appear complex on screen.

All said, this overstretched drama is way too cliched and soppy to hold your attention, but it does amuse you in its own unique ways. The performances and the soulful music definitely make this 122-minute drama worth a one-time watch, but if you’re looking for something to keep you on the edge, this isn’t it.

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