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Jothi Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 2.0 / 5

Jothi Movie Review : An amateurish investigative thriller

Jothi Movie Review: Jothi has one of those openings that make you sit up right away. The set up begins this way: Ashwin (Naan Saravanan, weak), a doctor, leaves his pregnant wife Aruljothi (Sheela Rajkumar, too dramatic) all alone at night to attend to a patient. Soon, a car pulls up in front of their house, and a person in a raincoat reaches their door. The intruder manages to get an entry and knocks her unconscious. Then, the intruder performs a C-section, removes her baby and walks off with it just when Jothi’s neighbour Janaki (Krisha Kurup) comes knocking. Seeing the childless mother lying in a pool of blood, the stunned Janaki phones her husband Shakthi (Vetri, solid), a cop.

A criminal who is daring enough to operate on a female victim and leave with her baby? Isn’t it such a juicy premise? For some while, things do look promising, as Shakthi starts his investigation, with his writer Muthu (Ilango Kumaravel, who tries a little too hard to make up for the generic manner in which his character is written) tagging along. But then, as their enquiry progresses, the film begins to unravel. Rather than give us a plausible investigative thriller, director Krishna Paramathma goes for melodrama and amateurish police work that dashes our hopes.

The screenplay is structured as a series of enquiries that Shakthi undertakes, with each suspect leading him on to the next one. But the problem is that it makes Shakthi look like an inefficient cop who takes everything his suspects say at face value and acts accordingly. Also, we are able to make out the red herrings pretty easily, even though the director makes the actors perform in a shifty manner. His treatment of this material resembles that of a TV serial, with a loud background score (by Harshavardhan Rameshwar) that only adds to the melodrama in the scenes. Still, the insistent score is what gives this whodunit some semblance of mystery, especially with the flat visuals doing nothing to elevate the writing. The filmmaker manages to throw a mild surprise with the revelation, but ruins that with a needless, overlong stunt that seems to have been included only to prop up a character played by SP Raja Sethupathi, who happens to be the film’s producer.

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