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Ishq Pashmina

Ishq Pashmina Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Ishq Pashmina Movie Review : This clichéd and banal love story would have worked in the 70s

Ishq Pashmina Story: It’s a love story set in the cold climes of Shimla. Love blooms as Omisha becomes Karan’s caregiver. But fate has different plans for both of them.

Ishq Pashmina Review: When the name of the producer appears last and follows the name of the director in the opening credits, a lot may be deduced, and a frequent logical conclusion is that commerce unquestionably has an advantage over art. This love drama, in some ways, confirms this perspective. ‘Ishq Pashmina’ is a love story that would have succeeded in the 70s, but this millennium is a different ballgame. This romantic drama is a trite and clichéd love story with no redeeming qualities.

The film is about Karan (Bhavin Bhanushali), who lost his vision in an accident, and now his wealthy mother (Zarina Wahab) takes care of him. When Karan’s caretaker leaves the job because of his aggression, Omisha (Malti Chahar), an employee at a radio station, fills in the vacancy. Love slowly blossoms between the two. While Karan can only feel his soothing words, Omisha does her best to ensure he regains his life. When Karan finally gets his vision back, he is acquainted with a few realities.

While the setting of Shimla provides a great backdrop for a love story, the love story per se is dull by all accounts. At no point does the screenplay offer opportunities to make it an intense one. To viewers, the proceedings look mundane and superficial. After intermission, the story picks up the pace when Karan’s mother is murdered, and the estate manager tries to get hold of the property. But one really wonders how these events add to and propel the love story forward.

There is a sequence in the film when Bhavin asks both the caretaker of the house and the manager, “Pyar kya hota hai?” While it comes across as a comic sequence, which the film also intends to be, the fact is it actually reflects the tiredness of the plot. While Bhavin as Karan delivers an average performance at best, it’s Malti’s performance that carries some semblance of sincerity. This love story is jaded and banal.

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