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Instant Karma

Instant Karma Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 2.5 / 5

Instant Karma Movie Review : This instant karma is served in a shoddy manner

Plot: Five youngsters who are strangers to each other and go by code names of various animals decide to go on a money heist mission. Will they be successful or will karma catch up with them?

Review: Instant Karma, directed by Sandeep Mahantesh, is a story that tries to be in sync with new-age thrillers, with ensemble casts, no extra masala elements and conventional hero and heroine. While this is refreshing, the thriller falters because of its shoddy making and inconsistent acting by the ensemble cast. What could have been a slick thriller well under two hours ends up being tiresome.

The film begins with a story of a mother trying to explain the concept of alilu seve from Ramayana to her son. This then cuts to a meeting of five members who seem to be involved in some sort of a heist. The story then unfolds in a non-linear screenplay, where the different characters and their motives are revealed to what led them to be a part of this mission.

The screenplay is interesting on paper and it even has some quirky characters, like a particular member who aspires to go to America and become a plumber because he thinks plumbers live life like Johnny Sins. All of this is good in thought, but the film fails to a certain extent in the execution, as the actors often end up seeming amateurish, especially when a big part of the film relies only on dialogues and conversations between the five protagonists to establish the flow of the narrative.

Instant Karma has its moments and an interesting climax. If only the team had handled it in a more slick manner with perhaps a better cast, it could have been a better new-age thriller to watch.

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