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Ini Utharam

Ini Utharam Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Ini Utharam Movie Review : A woman-driven thriller

Story: A woman goes to a police station claiming she had murdered one person. Though the police suspect foul play, the investigation starts.

Dr Janaki (Aparna Balamurali) enters an Idukki police station and reveals she has murdered someone and will only surrender to CI Karunan (Kalabhavan Shajohn). She wants to show him where she has buried the body and while he tries to dismiss her, with pressure from the media and local people, the police were forced to take her to the crime spot.

Once there Janaki reveals that it is the CI who has helped her bury the body, but when they start digging, two bodies are found and neither is the person Janaki claims to have killed. What is the connection between Janaki and the CI? Is he CI the real culprit and where is the body of the person Janaki claims to have murdered? The answers make the rest of the thriller.

National Award-winner Aparna Balamurali excels in her performance as Janaki. Without the presence of a big-ticket hero, Aparna holds us spellbound for two hours with her powerful performance, along with Harish Uttaman, Chandunath, Shajohn, Siddique, and Siddharth Menon, who appears as Janaki’s love interest.

Director Sudheesh Ramachandran tries to reveal the nexus between the police and political leaders, as well as how policemen can lie for their own benefit. The first half was nicely crafted and executed, with a well-built up suspense. The second half goes off-track with trying to accommodate too many things, like the police-politician ties, flashbacks, and new evidence and Janaki landing in front of the political leader, played by Siddique.

Ini Utharam is a watchable movie, showing women power. A thriller for adults, with a light touch of love and romance.

– V Vinod Nair

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