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Hubli Dhaba

Hubli Dhaba Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Hubli Dhaba Movie Review : A crime thriller with romantic elements hits the right notes

Plot: Hubbali Dhaba revolves around a murder at Eshwar’s residence

Director Srinivas Raju, known to showcase chilling crime incidents in his projects, is back with Hubballi Dhaba, which has thriller as well as romantic elements. The movie revolves around two vital characters, Eshwar and Devi.

When Eshwar suddenly finds a dead body of a girl, he panics and calls the police immediately. Eshwar is taken by the police for enquiry where he narrates his personal life story to a cop, Chalapathy, thus opening the plot. Chalapathy’s character brings back the story of the Dandupalya gang. There is also the story of a drug mafia woven in a unique way. As the maker explores the connection between Eshwar and why the girl who was found dead, it keeps audiences on the edge of the seat.

Srinivas Raju has retained most of the Dandupalya actors, be it Makrand Deshpande, Pooja Gandhi and Ravi Kale, giving us a sense that he is going to narrate similar crime incidents. However, he manages to spring a surprise. There are several crime scenes which send shivers down your spine.


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