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Honeymoon Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Honeymoon Movie Review : A slapstick Funjabi outing with great performances

Honeymoon Story: A newlywed couple from a village in Punjab wants to go on a honeymoon. But their extended family doesn’t know what it means and joins them to celebrate a land deal that fetches them a mouthwatering price.

Honeymoon Review: The film begins with the 1971 Indo-Pak War when the protagonist Deep’s (Gippy Grewal) grandfather, stupidly detonates a hand grenade that falls on his fields. After that, the story demonstrates how dimwitted the future generations are and, in the same vein, with hilarious repartees between the characters and inane but funny events. There’s not a dull moment in its 2 hours and 14 minutes runtime, as director Amar Preet Chhabra presents an entertaining slapstick about 14 bumpkins reaching the UK on a ‘honeymoon’.

Deep is the only almost-smart guy in the family and falls in love with Sukh (Jasmin Bhasin) at first sight. As soon they get married, the family lucks out as the government wants to buy their land worth Rs 25 lakh for Rs 3 crore to build an airport. As the folks consider Sukh their good luck charm and want to gift her something, she asks to go abroad for a honeymoon. But the family wants to join in to celebrate their newfound wealth as they don’t know what it entails. A kindhearted Sukh persuades Deep to take them all along.

The rest of the film is about their antics. Deep’s bua (Nirmal Rishi) unwittingly announces many times that her husband is dead and she’s on a honeymoon with 14 people. Her scenes with an ex-pat Jaswant aka Jassa (Naresh Kathooria), who bumps into her several times and even tries to help her, will tickle your funny bone. Harby Sangha plays Deep’s brother-in-law, who sells kohl on local buses and tries to do the same on the plane.

Even though a comedy, the movie tries to break gender biases. Deep refuses to kiss Sukh before they are married, not because he’s conservative but because he will consider society truly broadminded when it’s as forgiving of women as it’s of men for their bold behaviour. Sukh also makes them realise that a daughter-in-law must not be burdened with chores when she’s as tired as the rest of the family. Deep is portrayed as a thoughtful man who doesn’t flinch from asking for forgiveness and almost begging Sukh’s parents to bring her back home when unjust treatment makes her walk out. Her father poignantly states that this must be the first time the groom stands in front of the bride’s parents with folded hands.

Jasmin shines as the simple and kind Sukh and is pleasing to the eye. She and Gippy, who also performs well, have great on-screen chemistry. The entire star cast, including Karamjit Anmol as Deep’s chacha, will keep you entertained.

Even though the premise of naive and loud villagers landing in England is not entirely new, and some of the serious scenes are a bit soppy, the direction and performances make this laugh riot worth watching.

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