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Home Minister Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 2.5 / 5

Home Minister Movie Review : A novel concept loaded with cliches

Plot: Renuka Prasad is a homemaker who takes care of his daughter Kundana, while his wife is a top reporter. What led Renuka, a successful professional, to choose to give up his career?

Review: Home Minister is a much-delayed film that stars Upendra in the lead role. The film sees him play a homemaker, which is a first in his career. It has a big ensemble cast to entertain alongside Upendra. With so much on offer, one expects fireworks. Only, this one fizzles out a little with its stereotypical elements that are generously thrown in between what could have been progressive content.

The story begins with two diametrically opposite styles of introductions of our protagonists – a married couple. One gets to know that they live in an apartment complex, where the husband takes on the role of the homemaker, while the wife is a working professional. The story has some fun moments, but they are few, between some regressive and unpalatable humour. The film is just a little over two hours in length, but even this short narrative has a lot of unnecessary elements that make the viewing experience harsh.

Home Minister gains momentum towards the interval, but it then fizzles out again in the second half, with some redundant writing. The climax has two important and pertinent issues being addressed. While this is certainly laudable, the little progessive thinking is overshadowed by some sloppy, sleazy and regressive writing in the story that leads up to it. One wonders if they could have easily chosen a path less taken to share the messages that they intended to.

Upendra is his usual self in this film, albeit one gets to see him in some surprise get-ups, too. For those who want to see his signature dialogue delivery and expressions, this works well. Vedhika has a promising role, but one wishes it could have been fleshed out better. Tanya Hope looks good, but has a limited role. The film has a big ensemble cast of veteran and new talent, and everyone tries to do their best.

Home Minister had promises of being something novel and disruptive in terms of what is being narrated, but the promises fall just short of expectations thanks to the cliches that the filmmakers resorted to.

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