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Heaven Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Heaven Movie Review : A suspenseful thriller

Story: An investigative thriller looking the murder of SI Peter Kurishingal’s son, along with his classmate and family.

Review: Widower SI Peter Kurishingal’s (Suraj Venjaramoodu) son Sebin, his classmate and their family were murdered in mysterious circumstances at their home. The initial police investigation, led by Bijoy Kurivila (Sudev Nair), concludes that the murders took place as part of a robbery. Because of protocol, Peter was kept away from the investigation team even after his requests to make him a part of it, but the SP allows him to do a parallel investigation. He discovers that Stephen (Jaffer Idukki), whom the team pin the crime on is not the murderer. Peter is then asked to take over the investigation, which leads to the culprit and the answer to why all of a family, and Sebin who was just a visitor to the house, were murdered on that fateful day.

Suraj Venjaramood handles the professional and emotional aspects of his role well, in the way he portrays a police officer whose son was murdered, and his helplessness. Alencier Ley does a good job in his cop role, and because it’s an investigative thriller, we tend to suspect every character, and he manages his role well. Deepak Parambol’s cameo is excellent. Joy Mathews, Sudheesh, and Padmaraj Ratheesh have small but relevant roles that they do well in.

Unni Govindraj makes a good attempt with his maiden directorial, creating a thriller where the suspense holds up till the last lap of the movie. The emotional scenes especially after the death of Peter’s son feel a bit slow, and even though it was a good decision to keep the movie at 70 minutes, it feels a bit slow in the first half, though it speeds up comparatively in the second half. Gopi Sunder’s BGM is excellent and the way he changes the sounds according to the situation is commendable. The basic music kept with the alliance to police drum beat was a commendable effort. The screenplay is by a police officer and is the advantage of the film, with PS Subramanian’s writing gives you the kick of a thriller. Vinod Illampally’s cinematography once again captures the high-ranges of Idukki, Kattappana refreshingly.

Overall, this is an investigative thriller through and through; if you are a die-hard fan of investigation movies and a Suraj fan, go for it.

– V Vinod Nair

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