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Head Bush

Head Bush Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Head Bush Movie Review : A realistic portrayal of Bengaluru underworld

Plot: Head Bush revolves around Jayaraj (Dhananjaya), his friends, foes, police officers, and the politicians who changed the course of the political scenario of Bengaluru in the 1970s. The film focuses on the rise and rise of Jayaraj – from a teenager to a rowdy to a mass hero.

Review: In the early 70s, Head Bush was the most sought-after gambling game and Jayaraj and his friends often took part in it. Head Bush revolves around friendship between Jayaraj and Ganga (Yogi) and how a small incident changes the course of their friendship and thereby the underworld scene of Bengaluru. Amid this, there are several politicians and police officers who are trying to use these rowdies to play their own games. Chief Minister Devraj Urs’s (Devraj) ‘s plan to make Jayaraj head of Indira Brigade goes awry and what happens next takes one through an intense journey.

The first half revolves around Jayaraj – always surrounded by friends – making his way to the top in the underworld and other character introductions. The second half, however, brings balance to the film. There are several elements that can be enjoyed by mass film lovers and all the actors have done absolute justice to their roles. Since it is adapted from writer Agni Sreedhar’s book, the film talks about how Urs had more enemies within his party, than outside. The film talks about how politicians’ greed birthed and helped in the evolution of the underworld in Bengaluru.

Dhananjaya is a clear winner of Head Bush. He has acted as though he has invoked Jayaraj on himself. Yogi as Ganga, Vasishta Simha as Kothwal Ramchandra, Sruti Hariharan as Rathnaprabha, Raghu Mukherjee as MDN, Payal Rajput as Jayraj’s love interest, have given some of their best performances. Director Shoonya’s hard work and homework reflects on screen. Charan Raj’s music is also one of the heroes of Head Bush. Balu Nagendra as Samson is a complete entertainment package. Ravichandran is a surprise package.

The film has several cuss words, which may not be liked by the family audience. The first half is a bit slow and the film takes time to take off.

Head Bush comes out as a cult classic that transports audiences to the 70s to tell the tale of the underbelly of Bengalu

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