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Haryana Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 2.5 / 5

Haryana Movie Review : A funny fare with good performances but too long

Story: Mahender, Jaibeer, and Jugnu are three brothers who live in a village in Haryana. The eldest brother, Mahender, is the father figure who takes care of everyone and everything in the household. The middle brother, Jaibeer, is a college student in Hisar, and Jugnu is the youngest and the most pampered of the lot. The story follows the trio as they fall in love and what it entails for each.

Review: The audience is welcomed with a typical glimpse of the North Indian state: a panoramic shot of a misty canal and lush greenery followed by a boisterous wedding with loud louts dancing funnily and drinking themselves out of their wits. In between, we are introduced to Mahender (Yash Tonk) — a no-nonsense yet considerate man who is the patriarch of the family and the eldest of three brothers.

Mahender has no time for love as he looks after the business and ensures his younger brothers are well cared for. When he finally decides to get married, his to-be bride Bimla (Ashlesha Sawant), makes him realise he doesn’t even know what love means. Jaibeer (Robbie Mairh) is too awkward to tell Vasudha (Monika Sharma) how much he likes her, as he’s physically disabled, and a movie junkie, Jugnu (Aakarshan Singh), is truly in love with Alia Bhatt! The film is about the turn of events that each one’s love story leads to.

Television actor Sandeep Baswana makes his directorial debut with this outing. As a first-time captain of the ship, he shows promise. The premise of how different the brothers’ love stories are is an interesting take. But fusing casteism, politics, culture shock, and so on make the movie seem all over the place. The loose screenplay and almost three-hour-long duration also prove to be a killjoy. The narrative gets too long and loses its charm after a point. The movie scores points in the cinematography department.

The quirks of village bumpkins have been portrayed well; a boy’s duty is to turn the tube light on and off for disco lights effect, and Jugnu goes with apples and bananas to propose to Alia. All the three actors — Yash, Robbie and Aakarshan — perform skillfully. Ashlesha Sawant as a shy and simple but wise and individualistic girl is pleasing. While Jugnu’s track is the most fun, primarily because of his three friends and their antics, the middle brother’s love story is more intriguing. Jaibeer is an intense guy who takes a harsh step due to unreciprocated love and tries to right the wrong. The ease with which conflicts resolve (something as complicated as caste-related violence inflicted on lovers and good guy Mahender winning in elections) puts the movie off-track

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