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Haami 2

Haami 2 Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 3.0 / 5

Haami 2 Movie Review : A light, engaging holiday entertainer

On a dry Friday with no major releases to compete with, Haami 2 could have drummed up quite the business. But BO clash is one of the many pitfalls of being a holiday season release, especially for family entertainers. But it’s important to remember the first Haami was one of the top-grossing Bengali films of 2018 and had a dreamy 60-day run at the theatres. So, Haami 2, despite not being a sequel, could still beat that record, though this Nandita Roy-Shiboprosad Mukherjee film plays it safer than the last instalment. Haami had brought in several topical commentaries inspired by recent news cycles and earned praise for venturing into sensitive areas, that massy films don’t usually delve into.
Haami 2, however, plays its cards close to the vest and reiterates certain things we already know, like the dangers of pursuing reality TV fame as children, or how parents can fail to recognise their children’s strengths. Shiboprosad and Gargee play Laltu and Mitali who have two sons, named Chinu and Bhepu. While Bhepu is a child prodigy, Chinu often feels ignored by his parents who leave no stone unturned to highlight Bhepu’s talents, including signing him up for a reality show. The film primarily explores the pros and cons of being called a ‘gifted child,’ but in terms of perspective, it only has a few pithy one-liners to offer. The script could have delved deeper into the subject, even if at the cost of losing out on a few subplots.
But Haami 2 happens to be a lot more watchable than Haami; it has better screenwriting, and better lines, the slapstick has been reined in and it’s not as preachy. Gargee and Shiboprosad share a seasoned screen dynamic; the latter’s character, which incidentally found a big following after the first film, has been fine-tuned to make it more effortless.
The kids however give the adults a run for their money in many of the scenes; they are funny, smart and seem to have flawless delivery. The child actors playing Chinu and Bhepu particularly, share a heart-warming camaraderie. The team also deserves big ups for casting Anjan Dutt as Nitai Jyatha, a fresh break from the moody roles audiences are used to seeing him play. Prosenjit Chatterjee plays himself and appears as a game show host and doesn’t disappoint.
The second half is too long and meanders quite a bit, but the makers are more aware of their demographic now and it shows. The director duo’s biggest strength is the ability to depict relationships honestly, which is why their films have resonated with a wide range of audiences. Although it’s difficult to pinpoint who Haami 2 would appeal to the most; is it over-zealous parents who never stop worrying about their children’s future? Or is it an ideal watch for kids who struggle with handling their parents’ expectations?
This film however has enough elements to engage almost any age bracket; however, it’s out here competing with a movie featuring arguably the most popular Bengali detective and another family film starring two bigwigs.

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