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Gurumoorthy Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 2.0 / 5

Gurumoorthy Movie Review : An amateurishly made suspense drama that is crass, melodramatic and bloated

Gurumoorthi Movie Synopsis: An honest cop tries to track down a suitcase filled with ₹5 crore worth of unaccounted cash that belongs to a businessman. With at least a dozen individuals after it, can he recover it before it falls into the wrong hands?

Gurumoorthi Movie Review: There’s a story with potential in Gurumoorthi, but the film’s director, KP Tanasekar squanders it away with a screenplay whose tone is all over the place. Instead of a tight suspense drama, we end up with an amateurishly made film that is crass, melodramatic and bloated.

The bloat is evident right in the opening scene, which is built up as a mass-hero introduction scene for Natty. He plays the titular Gurumoorthi, a typical filmi cop, whose hands are clean and whose idea of cleaning up crimes involves extra-judicial measures. He gets transferred to Ooty, where businessman Kandasamy (Ramki), who is travelling in car with ₹50 crore, loses it in the most naive manner. Gurumoorthi now has to track down the suitcase containing this cash, but with at least a dozen individuals after it, can he find it before it falls into the wrong hands.

Tanasekar builds the plot as a series of sequences in which the suitcase changes hands from one person to the other, and the cop stumbling into these individuals after they have either moved it to another place or lost it to someone else. These characters include a trio of petty criminals, a couple of bar girls, a watchman, a soothsayer, a mysterious young man and even someone close to Gurumoorthi. The problem is the plotting is just wayward with random scene transitions and several speed bumps in the form of unnecessary songs. We also get a melodramatic subplot involving Gurumoorthi’s pregnant wife (Poonam Bajwa, who gets a steamy song and a couple of scenes in which she has to look worried). She cries out to him over phone to be by her side during the delivery, but he is all kadamai ganniyam kattupadu, and his attitude towards her only makes us wonder if he really loves her.

Perhaps the intention was to make us wonder if Gurumoorthi is plotting to take the money for himself, but like the rest of the film, this idea, too, isn’t fleshed out convincingly.

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