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Gurtunda Seetakalam

Gurtunda Seetakalam Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 2.0 / 5

Gurtunda Seetakalam Movie Review : Satya Dev and Tamannaah’s prowess couldn’t save the day

Story: Dev, a software employee travelling to Mangalore, meets a talkative girl named Divya en route, and both strike a chord. Dev offers a ride to the coastal town and shares his life story during the journey.

Review: In this day and age, remaking popular flicks from neighbouring languages where the chances of the majority already watching the original are high is a tricky affair. While some succeed, many succumb under their weight. Gurtunda Sheetakalam, a remake of the Kannada hit Love Mocktail, has its moments but fails to make the same impression in Telugu. Directed by Nagashekar R, the movie has its highs here and there but burns a bit too slowly. The makers could have worked on a more engaging and crisper screenplay.

Nidhi’s character, played by Tamannaah, could have been established better, giving the audience a better emotional connection. Satya Dev as a relaxed and chilled-out customer and an honest lover, experiments with his body language, bringing some novelty to the table. Tamannaah, on the other hand, plays a subdued character and does a good job. After watching the actress in Bubli Bouncer, one would crave to see her in characters with more depth. Despite Satya Dev and Tamannaah’s brilliance, the film failed to save the day. The comic scenes and situational humour between Priyadarshi and Satya Dev make for some good laughs. Megha Akash as Divya and Kavya Shetty as Ammu, Suhasini Maniratnam as the doctor and others played the supporting roles.

The cinematography by Satya Hegde looks tasty and is an asset to the film. Music by Kaala Bhairava may not stick with the audience after watching the movie, but it sounded decent. The film is edited by Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao.

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