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Gulhar Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 2.5 / 5

Gulhar Movie Review : A decent attempt that falters in terms of execution

In a remote village of Maharashtra, Girju (Ravi Kale) and Radha (Bhargavi Chirmuley) stay Gulhar (Vinayak Potdar). They have raised Gulhar like their own son and make sure that he gets all the good teachings that can help him grow. But Gulhar is slightly hot-headed and hyperactive, getting into fights and roaming around the village caring for nothing.

One day, Gulhar spots Dhiraj (Ramesh Chaudhary) trying to slip a note to Shilpi (Shivani Baokar). Dhiraj loves Shilpi and wants to confess it to her. For that, he takes the help of Gulhar by making him the messenger of love. Things start falling in place and Shilpi too falls for Dhiraj. However, things take a drastic turn when the lovebirds elope. This enrages Shilpi’s father and he seeks the help of Nanasaheb (Suresh Vishwakarma), a person who wields power in the village, to find her. What was an innocent activity for Gulhar till now turns into a problem for him and his family when the villagers get to know of his involvement in the affair.

For a new filmmaker like Ramesh, Gulhar is a decent attempt at presenting a story that tugs at your heartstrings. However, the film lacks finesse. A lot of time is spent on scenes that could have been easily shortened, without losing their impact. Add to that the abrupt transition from one scene to another and the overall product loses its impact.

As far as acting goes, Ravi, Bhargavi, Vinayak and Suresh deliver good performances. The other actors, not so much. All in all, there’s potential in this story, but the film falters in execution. Full marks for the attempt though.

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