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Grandma Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 2.5 / 5

Grandma Movie Review : A decent supernatural film that keeps you hooked in parts

Grandma Movie Synopsis: A small girl keeps talking to the spirit of her dead grandmother. When her private tutor finds out about this, she sets out to help the girl and the spirit.

Grandma Movie Review: Supernatural flicks often portray spirits as revenge-seeking villains who come into the lives of people only to destroy them. But here it is little different. The good thing about director Shijinlal’s Grandma is that there is neither a flashback for the supernatural element nor a revenge tale. Major sequences of the film is all about the relationship between a girl child and her late grandma with whom she was emotionally attached. The idea is novel and the jump scares that we witness during the initial portions gives us that chill building up for an interesting movie. However the film deviates a bit as it progresses and ends up losing steam.

In the very first scene, we are introduced to Priyanka (Vimala Raman), an advocate who resides at a posh bungalow in a hill station. Her daughter, Nikki (Pournami), who is emotionally disturbed post the death of her grandma, spends most of her time alone. Be it her caretaker or home tutor, she never let’s them near. Priyanka appoints Trisha (Sonia Agarwal) as her daughter’s teacher after learning about the latter’s profile.

However, as days pass by, Trisha starts feeling the presence of supernatural power. She tries to interact with Nikki to understand what’s going on in the house. When she realises that Nikki’s grandma’s spirit is still around, she gets terrified.

Is all safe in the house? Why the grandma’s spirit is still around forms the crux of the movie.

The main plot and the way it has been shot is quite impressive. The director has handled few sequences with lot of sensibilities and the characters have managed to keep the audience hooked in the first half. But then, as the film progresses, the movie loses out on its impact.

When Priyanka’s professional enemies take over screentime in the second half, we get a feel that the Grandma part has been neglected. The director’s motive here of conveying his ideology of how spirit world is much better than the real world is understandable. But then, the story falls flat in the second half leaving much more wanted.

The scares and the chills that we experience during pre-interval sequence are done in a mature manner and gives us the feel of a good horror thriller. Both Vimala Raman and Sonia Agarwal have given their best with neat performances The cinematography by Yashwanth Balaji is another highlight of the film with a consistent tone. Grandma is a decent watch.

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