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Ginna Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Ginna Movie Review : An unintentionally funny dark comedy

Story: Childhood buddies Renuka (Sunny Leone) and Ginna (Vishnu Manchu) reunite after years of separation, but things are no longer the same. Will Ginna be able to navigate his way through the complex web of love, lies and lethal rivalries?

Review: Ginna, fondly known in his small town, is a cool dude who may not have the moolah, but he has oodles of swag and tashan. Running a tent business with a ragtag crew of childhood friends and neighbourhood boys, Ginna is at the crossroads of his life where he has to sacrifice his personal happiness to honour professional debts. Enter Renuka – his childhood sweetheart, who is deaf and mute but is loaded with cash and glamour. While she could be the key to solving Ginna’s financial woes, his heart also beats for another of his childhood besties Swathi (Payal Rajput), who has grown into a beautiful young woman. Renuka is crazy for Ginna, and so is Swathi, but it’s not a straightforward love triangle that can be solved easily. This is one hell of a twisted tale of love that is destined for doom.

Director Suryaah and his writer Kona Venkat spend the entire first half setting up the premise for a chaotic and unpredictable second half. So, obviously, ‘Ginna’ gets a slow start with the screenplay gradually introducing its varied and quirky characters, whose connection with each other runs deep. As the second half rolls in, the narrative picks pace with the film’s dark humour taking shape. It lacks finesse and logic, but that’s not to say it’s not funny or entertaining. It’s just the kind of massy and loud humour that will make you chuckle more than once. None of what’s happening on screen is scary if that’s what the makers were aiming for, but it’s surely funny – intentional or not.

The film’s lead actor makes his presence felt as the towering Ginna, who has an endearing goofiness and simpleton quality that is at odds with the usual image of a larger-than-life south hero. Sunny Leone is an interesting choice to play an originally rustic character, but then again, she is shown as an NRI, as per the clich├ęd norm. She struggles to play the complex and interesting role of Renuka, who is made to overuse her ample bosom and voluptuous persona for just about everything. Some of what she does on the screen, including beating up the bad guys, looks absolutely staged and unintentionally funny on screen. Payal Rajput looks beautiful as the suave and demure Swathi, while Chammak Chandra as the petrified Rakesh Master and Vennela Kishore as Mysore Bujji pack good punches of humour. The music is loud and jarring, and the songs are irrelevant to the story.

Overall, Ginna is quite a messy/massy affair that doesn’t bother about things like logic, great performances and conviction, as long as it can give its audience a good time and a good laugh. And it manages to do that more than once.

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