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Garuda Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 3.0 / 5

Garuda Movie Review : This ‘Garuda’ has his eyes on the evil forces

In a country like India, internal terrorism is a bigger threat than that from outside the country. Garuda tries to address the issue of how such people pave the way for evil forces from outside to come into the country to sabotage peace.

In this film, terrorists from Pakistan live in India with the aide of Indians. The intelligence unit of the government gets to know about this and puts together a special team to prevent it. But even before the special team gets to them, the protagonist, Ram, has been killing off the Pakistanis one by one. Ram runs a hotel in Goa, so why does he go after the terrorists and kills them is what forms the story of the film.

The film touches upon many recent issues, including black money, demonetisation, surgical and air strikes, and drugs, among others. Connecting all of this is an emotional tale of a family comprising two brothers and the wife of the elder brother. Siddharth Mahesh has incorporated many important aspects in this story, but he has wisely chosen to incorporate just the right amount of each of them in order of importance. But there are some aspects in which this fails.

The film has a big cast and the screenplay has been written in such a way that there is importance and a back story to each of the characters. Does make the film long? That’s debatable. Siddharth easily moves from a lover boy to an action hero. Srinagara Kitty gives a solid performance and has a good role after a while. Aindrita Ray and Ashika Ranganath are limited, mostly to songs and a few scenes. Kamna Jethmalani, Rangayana Raghu and Ramesh Bhat have performed well. Adi Lokesh is a tad loud, but effective as the villain. The songs from Raghu Dixit fail to leave a mark.

Garuda does touch upon some pertinent issues and could be a one-time watch.

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