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Gajanana and Gang

Gajanana and Gang Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 2.5 / 5

Gajanana and Gang Movie Review : A college bromance that has some moments

Plot: Gajanana and his gang are notorious in their college. The story is narrated in a non-linear fashion, which shows the five boys and their tryst with friendship and romance.

Review: Abhishek Shetty had a good debut with Nam Gani BCom Pass. He follows it up with a college caper that deals with bromance, teenage love and the ups and downs in relationships. The story has some good moments, but overall, the film tries to rely too much on commercial aspects that fizzles out the drama that could have been edgier.

The story begins with the introduction to the gang, where they are seen as boys who lead the routine college life, which includes buying question papers, fighting with seniors and standing up for friends. One is also introduced to four of the five men finding love in different ways. The story also cuts to some scenes in the present day, which shows there could be something amiss between the ties that the gang has. The narrative follows the trials and tribulations of this bunch.

The film does have its heart in place and there are some moments that evoke laughter and hoots. But the problem lies in the excessively long fights and some unpalatable humour. There is a slight thriller twist to the college caper, which could have been better exposed to have a more solid, edgier story rather than just ensuring that the commercial staples were in place. The matter-of-fact lines uttered by a psychiatrist in the story could have had a better impact if they were placed better and with more sensitivity. Scenes like the cricket match, though, make up for some of this.

The two lead actors Shri Mahadev and Aditi Prabhudeva, make a cute pair. But the casting in the film could have been a tad better, as some of the ensemble look a lot older when portraying college roles. Also, the trope of having every teacher speaking broken English for laughs in the gallery gets redundant. If you still want an outing with your boys to see a film that has some college humour, Gajanana and Gang might interest you.

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