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Funral Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 3.0 / 5

Funral Movie Review : A heartfelt story that culminates in a very nicely written climax

If you think about it, the film’s title gives you an idea of what it’s going to be about. Funral is a word play on funeral and the story of this film nicely works its way to justify the title. The story is about four friends. Why four? We’ll get to that. So, these four jobless youths have been sustaining on something that Indians love to do- jugaad. Doing odd jobs, rallying for candidates during elections and, at times, cheating shopkeepers are some of the things that these boys, led by Heera (Aroh Velankar) do to earn, or refund, money. But they are not the bad guys of this story, their condition is.

While they are trying to figure out their next jugaad, their story takes an unexpected turn. One of the three, Vinod (Parth Ghatge), is trying to sell an insurance policy to a rich man. Unfortunately, the man dies of heart failure during the meeting. With all his relatives in the US, his daughter, who herself had come down to meet him, asks Heera and company to help her with the last rites. After the rituals, the dead man’s daughter hands the four money, which they initially decline, but accept later after her insistence. The amount is not enough to clear their debt, but in a classic case of ‘when life give you lemons, make lemon juice’, Heera comes up with an idea of turning this into a business. All that a willing person needs to do is fill out a form and state their final wish.

Writer Ramesh Dighe’s story is genuine and unique, and it deserves full marks for that. The story largely banks on the sentiment that if you arrive in this world amid happiness and cheer, why depart amid sadness? And it works well because the makers have taken care not to trivialise the topic. Rather, they add a touch of humour and sensitivity to it. There are ample metaphors comparing life and death in the film. The four friends establish the metaphor of four people required to shoulder a dead person on their final journey.

The pre-intermission part of the film is a tad stretched. Director Vivek Dubey focuses more on people around Heera here. Although that’s a requirement for what’s to follow, the time spent on establishing the premise is a lot more than required. Another drawback of Funral is the editing, which could have been crisper and better executed. These two things hamper the flow of this otherwise good film.

Aroh Velankar stands out as Heera, channelling the battle with himself and the people around well. Among the supporting cast, Vijay Kenkre as Heera’s grandfather, Prema Sakhardande as his neighbour and Sambhaji Bhagat as a morgue attendant leave a lasting impact.

Funral is a heartfelt story that culminates in a very nicely written climax. Though it falls short in the technical aspects, the emotion it conveys is universal and for that, it deserves a watch.

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