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Four Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Four Movie Review : A school drama that feels like an old lesson

Story: Pavithran sir, who returns to school, after a punishment transfer is still his strict old self. Will the students follow the good path he is trying to put them on?

Review: Schools are reopening next week in Kerala, and Four, starts with a new academic year in Plus 2 and focuses on four classmates – Riyaz, Abi, John, and Rahul (Amal Shah, Minon, Govind Pai and Gaurav Menon). Rahul is the only focused student, while the others are more playful.

Pavithran sir (Siddique) returns to the school after he had a punishment transfer because he punished a student. Now the students feel that he’s back to take revenge on them because they got him transferred. Pavithran sir’s strictness and punishments are famous in the school and he always pulls up these three friends for some reason. On the occasion of a school art festival, the trio were smoking and caught by Pavithran sir and he calls a teachers’ meeting and moves to the police station. The students plan to take revenge on him. Will they follow the correct path as Pavitran sir wanted or will they take revenge on him?

After Parava, Amal Shah proves his acting skills, and Minon and Gaurav Menon both perform well. Siddique as usual lives the character of Pavithran. Alencier, Johny Antony, Suresh Krishna, Mamita Baiju and Gopika Ramesh are all good in their smaller performances.

The first half of the movie was fun, but also we have seen the school infatuations, fights and jokes in several movies, and there isn’t anything fresh on offer. The songs Manjuthullikal peytidunna pole and Onam song Poli Poli Poli Poove Poove are beautiful and Bijibal’s music is a plus point. Cinematography by Prakash Velayudhan is ok. Sunil Hanif’s direction is good, but some scenes are too lengthy, like the temple utsavam and when the students are stuck in the house. The major drawback is that the movie is not saying anything new or refreshingly interesting.

It could be a one-time watch for youngsters.
V Vinod Nair

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