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Estate Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 2.5 / 5

Estate Movie Review : A well-staged paranormal thriller let down by a poorly-written climax

Estate Movie Synopsis: A journalist, along with her colleagues, decides to investigate the Covelone Estate, which is believed to be haunted. What follows is a series of events that puts their lives in danger.

Estate Movie Review: Writing the screenplay for a horror film might appear to be one of the easiest jobs, but penning down a well-staged supernatural thriller could be the toughest. Director Karthik V gets most of it right in Estate and manages to give us an immersive theatrical experience.

Oh! Wait. Did you just believe that the film is great? Well, the first half does make us feel so. The initial setup and staging is so good, managing to give some perfect jumpscares. But then, as the film progresses, we are left with only those scares and thrills and no true revelations.

Durga Venugopal (Remya Nambeesan), a young journalist from a popular media house, decides to investigate the infamous Covelone Estate, which is believed to be haunted and kept under surveillance for years. Micheal Devraj (Ashok Selvan), a paranormal expert, helps Durga and her team to explore the abandoned building, which once belonged to Periyatchi.

We are also introduced to sub-inspector Sasi (Kalaiyarasan) and Dr Reba (Sunainaa), who enter the estate on the same night, to save one of their colleagues trapped inside the bungalow. As the team enters different phases of the building, we get to witness mysterious and the gory people inside the Estate, who have been living there for years.

Though Estate follows an age-old horror movie troupe — that of a journalist, along with her colleagues, exploring an abandoned estate — it manages to keep us on the edge of our seat for almost an hour. There are many jump scares and surprisingly, most of them work to an extent. But things gets worse when the writer decides to complete the movie with only those scares and nothing else.

The staging, the events and the mysterious people that we get to witness gives us the feel of a Hollywood paranormal film. But what is the story behind the mysteries of the Covelone Estate? What actually happened there or why do the people who enter the place turn into ghosts? Is there a sequel planned, which will explain the paranormal activities that we get to witness in this film? These questions start to haunt us after the end of the movie.

Every actor in the film is a seasoned performer and each one has done their job well. However, the director could have utilised Ashok Selvan and Kalaiyarasan even better. The background score and the sound design really play their part to perfection, elevating the movie experience a notch and delivering that thrill factor.

Overall, Estate could have been much better if the writer would have given a proper conclusion to all the chaos that happens on screen.

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