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Ekda Kaay Zala

Ekda Kaay Zala Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 4.0 / 5

Ekda Kaay Zala Movie Review : A beautiful film for children and adults alike

Ekda Kaay Zala starts off promising to be a children’s entertainer, only to turn into much more, thereby becoming one of the most valuable films of 2022 so far.

In a shift away from the multitudes of stories exploring the bond of a mother and her child, Ekda Kaay Zala tells the story of Chintan (Arjun Purnapatre) and his father Kiran (Sumeet Raghavan), who is the founder of a school that focuses on practical learning. The bond is such that it will pull at your heartstrings till you are completely invested in the successes and failures they encounter.

The film raises several points about the current education and value systems while managing not to grandstand or be preachy. The story takes its time to unfold and has depth. Small moments of learning and play leave a taste of childhood nostalgia among the audience. The dialogue and pacing of the film flows naturally and is particularly noteworthy.

Dr Mohan Agashe and Urmila Kothare give power-packed performances, while youngster Arjun Purnapatre is natural in his role too. But it is Sumeet Raghavan who takes the cake with his portrayal of the complexities of Kiran’s character.

Ekda Kaay Zala is a gem of a film that is a must watch for children and adults alike. Hopefully, there will be more such films for us to see. Director Saleel Kulkarni has managed to pull out all stops in this emotional rollercoaster that makes you think, laugh and cry your heart out. It is safe to say that by the end of the film there will not be a single dry eye in the cinema hall.

— Anub George

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