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DSP Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

DSP Movie Review : Even Vijay Sethupathi can’t save this clichéd cop-revenge drama

DSP Movie Synopsis: A flower seller’s son ends up in a tussle with a ruthless rowdy in Dindugal forcing him to become a policeman and fight the odds.

DSP Movie Review: DSP is a typical revenge drama that has many ingredients that one would expect from a commercial cinema if it was made a decade ago. While Vijay Sethupathi tries his best to hold the film up, the done and dusted storyline have little to offer to the actor and the audience. Ponram’s writing gets better as the film progresses but not powerful enough to create an impact.

We get a typical cop introduction scene where Vascodagama (Vijay Sethupathi) beats up a most-wanted criminal and gets posted to Dindugal district. A few minutes into the film, in a flashback, we are introduced to his family members, friends and his life as the son of a flower seller. Unforeseen incidences make Vascodagama lock horns with Mutta Ravi (Prabakar), henchman of an influential politician.

A local inspector advises Vascodagama to leave the town and save himself after the latter has an altercation with Ravi before his sister’s wedding. Considering his families safety, Vascodagama travels all the way to Chennai only to return as DSP to his home town.

Can his power and position help him in the fight against the ruthless henchman, now an MLA?

Director Ponram takes his own time to set up the protagonist’s motive interspersed with a clichéd romantic track and we are presented with a first real conflict only after an hour into the film. We keep waiting for something exciting to happen on screen but we are overdosed with the same commercial tropes which are unimaginative.

Some of the conflicts in the film were conveniently placed and the cat-and-mouse game turns out to be a dud.

This is Vijay Sethupathi’s second outing as a cop after Sethupathi, which was an honest attempt with clap-worthy moments and well-staged emotional sequences. Here everything falls flat and even Vijay Sethupathi’s non-chalant performance (one of his strengths) doesn’t workout in the intended manner.

Anukeerthy’s character has nothing much to offer as she plays the typical Ponram’s heroine with a couple of supposedly-comical sequences. While her performance was decent, she needs better role to prove herself. Prabakar’s character as Mutta Ravi was one of the better things of the movie as he looked menacing and convincing as a ruthless rowdy-turned-politician.

Many other characters come and go but fail to make any impact. Shivani Narayanan comes as a cop in the second half and her screen presence adds a bit of charm. Vemal’s cameo appearance is really good but the sequence could have been etched out better.

DSP’s cinematography, editing and music follow the template commercial pattern and have nothing new or unique to offer. However, it is not a deterrent to this average action drama.

Everyone loves a good commercial action film where the good guy beats up the bad. But in the current day and age, only following the template won’t suffice. DSP falls short of a good mass entertainer cbut can satisfy the actor’s fans.

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