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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Movie Review : This anime adventure is worth a ride

Story: Magenta, the CEO of Red Pharmaceuticals, escalates his effort to reinstate the Red Ribbon Army that his father had once led. In that endeavour, he uses manipulation to rope in Dr Hedo, Dr Gero’s surviving grandson, also a scientist. He makes him believe that the Capsule Corp and Z Fighters are evil organisations. Their paths cross with Gohan and Piccolo, and that eventually kicks off a chain of events that brings the Superhero in Gohan back in action, something his daughter Pan has never seen before.

Review: Several years ago, when one initially saw the Dragon Ball show on a cartoon channel, one was instantly transported into a fantasy zone that had strange, unusual names for people, places and things, individuals with such fascinating powers and technology at their disposal, and their out-of-the-ordinary looks. What didn’t strike immediately at that time was that the show had simple stories with animation visuals which were so attractive for a young viewer; they were different from everything else one saw.

For the uninitiated, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is a Japanese computer-animated martial arts fantasy-adventure film helmed by Tetsuro Kodama and written by Dragon Ball series creator Akira Toriyama. It’s the 21st Dragon Ball feature film and the second film in the Dragon Ball Super vertical.

Piccolo and Gohan’s journey to save the world from the Red Ribbon Army feels as interesting to the senses as some of the earliest content in the franchise felt many years ago. The film offers nostalgia, cool chemistry between Gohan and Piccolo, a simple premise and a lot of high-voltage fight sequences which keep you hooked throughout the runtime.

In the course of the runtime, you’re likely to find yourself appreciating how seamlessly some modern animation technology has been clubbed with classical anime illustrations and CG effects. The result is a fun spectacle, especially for those who’ve followed the franchise well. The setting, the depiction of the heroic characters and the action pieces are engaging. One would have to give to the team for making each fight sequence feel climactic and larger-than-life. The film also infuses humour in a few places, which you might understand better with context and background.

Even though the film has such a grip on its visuals and sound, it does become a tad sluggish in the story department. After easing the audience into the background of the characters and the premise, it takes a while for the baddies to start performing their duties, which in turn has a ripple effect on the rest of the story. The underlying idea of how far a hero would go for his loved ones needed more fleshing out. There are times when you may find it challenging to follow the adventures or gestures of certain characters without having a strong background on their previous journeys.

All in all, it’s a joyride for those who’ve been attuned to the universe of this franchise. But even for an anime rookie, this is an engaging ride.

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