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Dilpasand Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Dilpasand Movie Review : A film that dwells on the complexities of a love triangle

Plot: Santhosh meets Minchu through an alliance set by his parents and is all set to get married to her. He then meets and is completely swayed by the ultra-modern Aishwarya – a polar opposite of the traditional Minchu. A twist in his life, naturally, but where will that leave each of the three involved here?

Review: The romantic comedy Dilpasand revolves around the life quintessential good boy Santhosh. He is a software professional, who is the ever-so-obedient son – the perfect husband-material in a sense, considering that his parents pick the most eligible homely girl – Minchu for him. Just when things are going according to his parents’ plan, Santhosh encounters a girl, quite literally on the road in an inebriated state. This girl, Aishwarya, changes everything that Santhosh believed in to be the norm. Now, with the traditional Minchu on one side, and the extroverted Aishwarya on the other, Santhosh is torn between what he thought was meant to be and what his future could be.

The story of Dilpasand continues the lead actor Krishna’s streak of romantic comedy films. Megha Shetty, who makes a transition from the small screen, impresses in this first big screen outing in her role that also incidentally borders on two shades. Nishvika Naidu as the bold and carefree girl shines in the emotional sequences.

The story thrives on the complexities that one often sees or hears of when it comes to relationships. So, definitely relevant to anyone who loves a good dose of romance and comedy. However, the pace tends to take the steam out of what could have been an easy and fun watch. The slow and conventional treatment of the subject is where it eludes making the impact it set out to make.

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