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Diary Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Diary Movie Review : Diary, an interesting read till the last page

Dairy Movie Synopsis: A sub-inspector trainee sets out on a journey to track an unsolved case that happened 16-years-ago. But little does he know that the fate and destiny would put him on an exhillarating ride.

Dairy Movie Review: After back-to-back thriller films, Arulnithi comes up with another supernatural thriller that’s satisfying for the most part. Diary, directed by Innasi Pandiyan, revolves around the lives of many people who comes together on an accidental journey. Though we are introduced to many tracks and multiple characters in the first half of the film, the writing was sensible enough to link all the layers towards the end in an effective way.

A sub-inspector trainee, Varadha (Arulnithi), gets an opportunity to choose an unsolved case as his training assignment. It is about an honeymoon couple who gets brutally murdered and robbed in a hillside resort sixteen years ago. He stumbles upon certain leads that take him closer to the suspects.

With a help of another sub-inspector, Pavithra (Pavithra Marimuthu), he tries to unravel the mystery revolving the case. Incidentally, his car goes missing one night and parallely we get introduced to lives of many who board the last bus from Ooty to Coimbatore.

What is common between Varadha’s case and the passengers in the bus. How are they linked?

Diary starts off as an investigative piece and ends bringing destiny, emotional loss and supernatural elements together giving out an engrossing film. The idea is interesting and the efforts towards good writing is evident then and there. If, the director would have avoided certain jump scares and gimmicks for the commercial sake, Dairy would have been an even better thriller.

The emotional quotient in the climax sequence worked and answered all our questions with clarity. Arulnithi did a convincing job like every other cop roles he has starred in. His performance was effective enough to keep the audience engrossed throughout. Pavithra Marimuthu, who comes as Arulnithi’s colleague and life partner has done a wonderful job. Nothing about her performance looks artificial and that’s one of the satisfying aspect of the film. Ranjana Nachiyaar, Kishore Kumar and Jayaprakash also did a decent job.

Few comical characters in the film are unwanted and they really test our patience. Diary could have also been a disaster if the director had failed to connect all the knots towards the end and this makes us oversee all the flaws in the first half. Compared two Arulnithi’s last two thrillers, this is like a redemption for him as he resurrects himself with a decent story.

The cinematography and bgm really helped the makers to create that gripping feel they wanted. Dairy is an interesting read with engaging chapters, though we wish to skip certain pages.

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