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Dhoop Chhaon

Dhoop Chhaon Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Dhoop Chhaon Movie Review : An over-the-top hodgepodge of subplots

Story: A young man, Shaurya Diwan, gives up his illegal work for his honest brother’s sake and to marry the love of his life. As they lead happy lives, a tragedy rips the family apart. Will Shaurya’s decisions and sacrifices bring things back to normal?

Review: The film starts with a young Shaurya saving a rich and influential man, Daljeet Singh’s (Rahul Dev) daughter Simran’s life. Shaurya impresses Daljeet when he says he wants to work and be the kind of man who can use his wisdom and hard work as the situation demands. It’s a premise we have seen in many Bollywood films — the boy grows up to become Daljeet’s trusted aide (Abhishek Duhaan) and falls in love with Simran (Simrithi Bhatija). However, the girl wants a peaceful family life and rejects his marriage proposal unless Shaurya gives up crime.

One might think the film is about his reformation, but it turns on its head, with the track changing every few minutes. It’s a hodgepodge of subplots — from his elder brother Aman’s (Aham Sharma) girlfriend Meghna (Samiksha Bhatnagar) refusing to marry him because his brother’s a criminal to Shaurya giving up the life of crime with the snap of a finger to a tragedy and a generation leap with their sons’ stories.

Hemant Sharan’s direction is all over the place, with characters breaking into songs after a couple of scenes in the first half. Though, Rupam Chetiapatra’s cinematography provides visual appeal and some relief intermittently. The film seems like an extended version of social media reels with no plausible storyline. It is replete with illogical events, such as Daljeet Singh lying at home with just an oxygen mask to treat a fatal bullet wound in his chest. Chahat Khanna’s club song is a force fit.

While Abhishek Duhaan, as Shaurya, is passable in his acting chops, he does not pass off as a patriarch, though his performance is better in the second half of the movie. Rahul Dev has a limited role but has a good screen presence. Simrithi tries to hold her ground but has a long way to go. Aham Sharma as Aman is decent, but it’s Samiksha and Rahul Bagga as Surendra whose performances are the best among them.

Dhoop Chhaon is like a soap opera on the big screen where screenplay writers pen the scripts on the day of the shoot. This one’s best skipped.

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