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Dheeran Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 2.5 / 5

Dheeran Movie Review : A revenge drama which fails to impress

The plot opens with Dheeran wishing to take care of his ailing mother, to construct a palatial house and lead a happy family with Soumya whom he intends to marry. All his dreams are shattered when Soumya dies in a road accident. When the agencies of law close the case as just a road accident, a distraught Dheeren decides to punish the culprits by taking matters into his own hands.

When Dheeren decides to take on the drug mafia, he faces many obstacles which forms the main storyline. Dheeran, which emerges as a revenge drama, fails to make the right impact as the story lacks meat and fails to make the right noises. Scenes featuring Pramod Shetty evoke a bit of interest, but the film loses steam eventually. Director and actor Y B N Swamy’s promise in his debut outing is the only solace.

-B Somashekhar

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