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Dharani Mandala Madhyadolage

Dharani Mandala Madhyadolage Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Dharani Mandala Madhyadolage Movie Review : Dharani Mandala Madhyadolage: A satisfying watch

Plot: Dharani Mandala Madhyadolage is an anthology of 4 stories, intertwined with co-incidences

Review: Aadi (Naveen Shankar) and Shreya (Aishani Shetty) are a couple who are in an on-and-off relationship due to the latter’s drug problem. Chandru (Yash Shetty) is a mechanic living with his pregnant wife and his parents have finally forgiven him and are coming to Bangalore to visit him. Disco (Omkar) and Parachute (Siddu Moolimani) are friends working as small time drug peddlers for Turke (Kaddipudi Kantraj). Naman decides to end his life after his girlfriend marries someone else, but is procrastinating due to Ramanna (Prakash Tuminad)’s quirky antics. All their lives change overnight due to a series of co incidences.

The first half is about all these characters coming together to get tangled in a knot. The second half is where the knots come loose, one after the other.

Debutant director Sridhar Shanmukha has done a great job in creating a unique genre of film. Its a hyperlink film that is woven neatly without causing any confusion. Naveen Shankar has performed well in both action and emotional sequences. Omkar and Siddu stand out with their brilliant performances. Yash Shetty could have been better, given that his parents and his accent doesn’t match in the film. Naman’s comical lines feel forced into the story. Aishani Shetty’s role is career-defining. This is one of her best performances. Music works well at places, albeit being a little loud.

Dharani Mandala Madhydolage is a commendable attempt. The film will stay with the audience for a while even after walking out of the theatres.

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