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Dejavu Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 2.0 / 5

Dejavu Movie Review : Dejavu, a crime thriller fails to live up to expectations

Dejavu Movie Review: Crime thrillers always create a world of their own with certain possibilities and challenges in that particular sphere. But Dejavu tries to defy all rules and gives us a world where anything and everything is possible. Even if the cause is fair enough to seek justice, the play enacted by the victims is not believable and it does not move us in any way.

A writer (Achyuth Kumar) witnesses all his fictional crime writings happening in real life. While he tries to complain to the police that the criminals in the real incidents are threatening him, the police shoo him away dismissing it as a drunkard’s babble. That very night, the writer writes a story about a kidnapped girl, and the next day, the DGP’s daughter (Smruthi Venkat) gets kidnapped. As the writer is held and kept captive, Arulnithi appears as special undercover cop Vikram Kumar, to handle the kidnapping case. The writer predicts every proceeding in the case in his writings as Vikram Kumar starts his investigation. Who is this writer, what is the dejavu moment here and what secrets does Arulnithi unravel in his investigation? What starts off as an intriguing episode of a writer appearing at the police station with a unique complaint, doesn’t live up to the expectations till the end. The film loses steam as it progresses and makes us wonder about the logical loopholes it conveniently skipped towards the end.

Director Arvindh Srinivasan’s Dejavu has a good motive at the core, but it fails miserably in packing everything into a sensible screenplay. Towards the end, we are made to feel that the characters with good intentions weren’t confronted with any challenges at all and so, the play they stage becomes a bit insensible and takes the viewers for granted in many instances. Every crime thriller needs a convincing climax, where the final reveal resurrects the whole film, but here, it tries really too hard to satisfy the audience and the effort looks pretentious.

Arulnithi’s performance is good and he has given what the role demands. Madhoo, who plays the role of DGP, tries to hold the film in some places. The film sets the right mood here and there, thanks to its technical aspects, like cinematography and music, by Ghibran, whose background score is powerful and intriguing.

Arulnithi’s effort to try something inventive is laudable, but Dejavu is certainly not a film you can experience more than once.

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