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Critical Keertanegalu

Critical Keertanegalu Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 3.0 / 5

Critical Keertanegalu Movie Review : Critical Keertanegalu

Realising the impact of IPL betting, Kariyappa, a socially conscious advocate, decides to move court and shares the stories of Vijay (techie), Bhaira (school boy), Tuglak Kumar (Tuklaq Kumar) and Karna (pygmy agent). The four taste success initially as they make quick money through betting. The problem arises when they suffer losses while trying to achieve their goals which takes audiences to the meat of the story.

The movie has romantic and comic elements in the first half, building the tempo for the second half which shows the gravity of the situation as cricket betting becomes rampant in the country.

Tabla Nani’s performance, with his witty dialogues, stands out. Suchendra Prasad and Aruna Balraj are at their best. The rest of the cast do justice to their roles. Director Kumaar has taken up a serious subject by blending it with comic elements. This works in the initial stages, but loses steam later. As the storyline itself is confined to cricket betting, it doesn’t have other templates to make the right impact.

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