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Crazy Fellow

Crazy Fellow Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Crazy Fellow Movie Review : A ‘romance’ of errors that works for the most part

Story: A superficial guy falls for a girl he has never met, but what happens when a comedy of errors ensues?

Review: Phani Krishna Siriki’s Crazy Fellow is a mixed bag. The film banks heavily on you staying engaged enough to care about the protagonist’s journey. It doesn’t always manage to do that but when it does work, the film manages to deliver some sweet moments.

Abhiram (Aadi), lovingly called Nani, is the apple of his brother (Anish Kuruvilla) and sister-in-law’s (Vinodhini) eyes. He’s born with a silver spoon and whiles away time with his friends drinking and getting up to no good. His colleague Madhu (Digangana Suryavanshi) doesn’t think much of him; she often catches him at his worst and never really gets to see his best. When Abhiram makes a profile on a dating app in hopes of meeting a girl, he falls for a complete stranger without even meeting her. Small misunderstandings and quirks of fate snowball his love story into something more than what he predicted.

The way Crazy Fellow begins, it doesn’t really give you hope for the film. When a character says, “Baboi veela overaction bharinchaleka potunna,” you kind of feel the same. Crass jokes, sexist dialogues and lots of objectification fellow with a touch of fat shaming thrown in for good measure. And just when you believe the film is irredeemable, Phani seems to find his groove. Right before the interval, the story slowly takes a turn and while you might predict what happens at the end, you might not always predict what follows. The addition of Mirnaa Menon’s character surprisingly helps the film find its footing too.

The way the love story plays out could’ve easily been boring – it’s not something you haven’t seen before – but the way Phani fleshes it out works. Unlike most of our Tollywood heroes, Abhiram grows and changes with time, and so do the circumstances surrounding him as a result. The film drags when it veers away from the love story, but thankfully Phani decides to only concentrate on the key characters as the story progresses. Some of the songs too could’ve been done away with, but the songs Rave Rave and Modati Saari, composed by RR Dhruvan are beautiful and stay with you. The editing could’ve also been tighter for the film to work better. The fight sequences don’t add much.

Aadi plays Abhiram with sincerity and ease. He tries hard to remain likeable even when his character sometimes isn’t. He shines in the comic scenes, despite the material, and has good chemistry with the female leads. Digangana and Mirnaa are natural in the way they portray their girl-next-door characters. Narra Srinu, Vinodhini and other supporting characters also pull off their roles with ease.

Crazy Fellow has a simple story elevated by Aadi, Digangana and Mirnaa’s performances. Watch it if you don’t mind a simple story aided by good performances and numerous cinematic liberties.

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