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Cheene Baadaam

Cheene Baadaam Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 2.0 / 5

Cheene Baadaam Movie Review : A love story you’ve already watched

Cheene Baadaam offers us nothing new. It has a cliched storyline juxtaposed with a contemporary tech-heavy context that begins on a hopeful note. You start off thinking that the film is set to dole out another important lesson on the harm personal gadgets are inflicting on humanity. But that illusion is thrown out the window as fast as it’s created.
Coming to performances, Yash appears a bit distant throughout, as if his heart isn’t in the character at all. And though Ena has done a decent job with her role, the basic lack of chemistry between her and Yash’s character makes this romantic film a bit of a drag. In fact, everyone in the film has acted well. The problem is that it seems to be just that — acting. There’s hardly any genuine warmth or chemistry between the characters.
The technical aspects related to development of the app could have been a much more prominent part of the storyline, but the writer seems to be too busy trying to give Rishav and Trisha’s story a happy ending to focus on the core subject of the story. Even the nitty gritty about Rishav’s legal battle with a powerful businessman are too sketchy to make an impact. The result is a film that basically goes nowhere beyond the couple’s final hug after they get in touch through an app that somehow still functions after its server is switched off.

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