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Chase Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 3.5 / 5

Chase Movie Review : An interesting whodunit that keeps one intrigued, mostly

Plot: Visually-impaired former cop Nidhi finds herself being part of an unexpected accident scene. She goes to report it to the cops, where CCB officer Avinash takes charge of the case. This case brings unexpected closure for both the complainant and the investigating officer in different ways.

Review: Chase is the debut directorial of Vilok Shetty, who has chosen an intriguing thriller that revolves around an accident. The film has an ensemble cast, with Radhika Narayan and Avinash S Divakar leading the ensemble. The film is cleverly woven together and makes for a decent outing to the cinema halls, promising an edgy narrative.

The film begins with the unearthing of a corpse that is chopped up and disposed of in the city outskirts. This is followed by a visually-impaired Nidhi reporting an accident. Here begins the chase to unearthing what is happening, whether these two stray incidents are related, what really has happened, and whether Nidhi finds out who the culprit is.

One of the most interesting parts of Chase is the way the filmmaker has handled the visually-impaired protagonist’s character – with a lot of sensitively and a lot of research that has gone into the little details of the characterisation. Another interesting bit is how nearly most of the characters in the film have the actors’ real names as their screen names, which adds to quirks for film buffs. The film tries to steer clear from unwanted scenes mostly, barring a couple of comedy scenes that could have been done away with, and a song in the second half that breaks the momentum of the thriller.

Radhika Narayan has a plum role and delivers a good performance. Avinash S Divakar also packs a solid performance. Also commendable are Sheetal Shetty, Arjuna Yogi, Shwetha Sanjeevulu and Rajesh Nataranga, who have interesting roles. Sushant Pujari is seen in a special appearance and his dancing skills definitely linger on.

Chase is a good outing to the cinema hall, even though the film did take a while to hit the screens. It will definitely interest lovers of the thriller genre.

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