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Boyfriend For Hire

Boyfriend For Hire Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Boyfriend For Hire Movie Review : This romantic comedy appeals more to one’s senses

Story: Arjun (Viswant Duddumpudi), an eligible bachelor in town, turns ‘Boyfriend for Hire‘. Girls want him, and he is in high demand. He is smitten by a beautiful girl Divya (Malavika Satheesan), and to his surprise, she hires him to solve a problem. Why did Arjun become a boyfriend on hire? Did he solve Divya’s problem, or is there a twist in the tale?

Review: In the film Boyfriend for Hire, director Santosh Kambhampati explores what men and women want from each other. It’s a million-dollar question. Arjun initially stays away from girls and sets out on a journey to find a perfect spouse when his parents give him a marriage ultimatum. The rest of the movie revolves around Arjun’s quest to find what qualities he wants in his partner and how to find one with all of them. The first half establishes Arjun’s character and his attempts to understand women. It’s narrated vibrantly and humorously, and it’s entertaining if one can look past minor continuity glitches and creeping cliches. As the movie breaks for an interval, the audience is in for a twist in the tale. And the second half presents the other side of the story.

Viswant Duddumpudi as Arjun looked effortless and entertaining for the most part. Likewise, Malavika Satheesan, as Divya, looked good playing her role. Both actors did a commendable job. The other cast includes Pooja Ramachandran, Madhunandhan, Sivannarayana, Roopa Laxmi, Harsha Vardhan, Raja Ravindra, Sudharshan and others. Written and directed by Santosh Kambhampati, the film had music by Gopi Sundar, cinematography by Bala Saraswathi, editing by Vijay Vardhan Kavuri and choreography by Vijay Prakash. Bala Saraswathi’s cinematography and Gopi Sundar’s music add colour and depth to the film. The song ‘Neevevvaro’ sung by Chinmayi is a top pick.

It’s a film that appeals more to one’s senses than the grey matter. The vibrant aesthetic, competent performances, experimental story and melodious songs make it a viable romantic comedy.

– Paul Nicodemus

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