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Bony Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 3.0 / 5

Bony Movie Review

Bony, and Parambrata, deserve a round of applause for daring to enter uncharted territory in Bengali cinema. Though science fiction is nothing new when it comes to global cinema or even OTT platforms, it’s certainly a genre Bengali cinema rarely touches. For one, most sci-fi movies call for great visual effects and second, the budget for such productions can be pretty steep, thanks to the CGI involved. But Bony scores quite high in this department. The visual effects are quite impressive.

However, despite being helmed by Bengali characters, the film feels a bit distant from Bengal or Kolkata, and in the process, risks a disconnect with the home audience. Apart from Sabyasachi, Pratibha and US scientist in exile, Saukat Osman (Anjan Dutt), and of course the Kolkata-based self-proclaimed scientist played by Kanchan, most characters speak in accent-heavy English or Italian. But yes, no one can take anything away from the performances by the pivotal characters. Right from Parambrata to Koel, Anjan, Kanchan and foreign actors, almost everyone has done complete justice to their characters. There are a few characters (extras) that looked out of place, like Koel’s geneticist colleagues shown at the very beginning of the film. They seem a bit ill at ease during the conversation with Koel. But the rest of foreign cast have delivered their lines to perfection.

The otherwise very well-made film, however, will surely invite a smirk or two because the makers decided to use a rather life-like doll to show the immobile newborn Bony. Though Parambrata and Koel emote right around their ‘baby’, a doll is a doll, however life-like it may be. Some good use of CGI in this department could have made a huge difference, especially because the audience today is used to astounding visual effects that can make interstellar travel or a chaotic, bloody battlefield look flawlessly real. Moreover, the bits showing Sabyasachi, Pratibha and Osman overpowering or even killing highly trained killers or security guards look a bit too far-fetched.

All said and done, Bony is anything but a boring film. It’s a thriller that will keep you hooked till the very end. Somewhat flawed, but a good watch nevertheless.

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