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Bond Ravi

Bond Ravi Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 3.0 / 5

Bond Ravi Movie Review : An ordinary commercial jailbird love story

Plot: Jail bird Bond Ravi (Pramod) wants to start a new life after walking out of jail, but his past catches up

Review: Bond Ravi (Pramod) is a vagabond. In jail as a proxy for a crime committed by a local politician (Shobhraj), he charms the top brass, and wins the confidence of the inmates. Soon, his popularity increases with his ability to capitalise on trade-ins. That is when he locks horns with Rudrappa (Ravi Kale), whose image has taken a plunge after Bond Ravi’s entry. Soon they both bond over a mutual enemy, and Rudrappa helps Bond Ravi get bail after the latter assures him that he would kill Shobhraj. Out on bail, he wants to leave the past behind, and reunite with the love of his life, Shweta (Kajal Kunder). With this in mind, he moves to Chikkamagaluru to begin a happy life with Shweta. Yet, his past still lingers. How far can he run from it?

The first half establishes Bond Ravi as a commercial hero, with his slapstick jokes, and a few action scenes in prison. The second half is mostly a cat-and-mouse chase. It explores Ravi’s pursuit of love, and starting anew. But, the whole sags ends in an unsatisfactory and unexpected climax.

Pramod carries the movie on his shoulders, and is convincing as a commercial hero. He fits perfectly into the cliched hero role. Kajal Kunder looks pretty, and has done an impressive job in the climax. Seasoned actors Shobhraj, Ravi Kale, Ravi Prakash and Dharmendra have performed their roles with ease. The comedy doesn’t suit the tone of the film, and could be dismissed as below average. The illogical jail set up is a big let-down. Cinematic liberty does not, in any way, allow for a jail to be represented as a resort! Director Prajwal could do with some polishing to handle a commercial film. Mano Murthy’s music is average, though it does have a nostalgic tinge. Bond Ravi’s heart lies in the climax, and at best, it is a one-time watch for commercial film lovers.

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